List of metaverses in 2022

As we look to the future, it seems that we are on the cusp of many metaverse platforms. One of the most popular metaverse is PRISM, the premier world in the Sensorium Galaxy. Others are ATLAS, POLIS, and Cryptovoxels. These will be the worlds we inhabit for the rest of our lives. We’ll discuss each in more detail below. We also consider the future of VR and what the technology will bring to our daily lives.

PRISM is the premier world of Sensorium Galaxy

Founded by billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, Sensorium is developing a virtual reality platform that combines artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Its goal is to improve social interaction and connectivity. The company has partnered with leading entertainment powerhouses including Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. The company’s Prism world was created in collaboration with Yann Pissenem, the designer of Ibiza’s Hi and Ushuaia nightclubs. The world will incorporate many different art forms and worlds.

The premiere world of Sensorium Galaxy will feature premiere live music events. The company is partnering with some of the biggest names in EDM to produce these events. Prism will host virtual concerts, with the artists performing as digital avatars using the same 3D scanning technology used in video games. As an added bonus, attendees will be able to get a virtual autograph or take a virtual selfie.


What’s next for the blockchain metaverse? In the movies Ready Player One and The Matrix, the characters plunge into alternate worlds when they plug into their video games’ virtual reality systems. They can function in a way that they never could in reality. However, this is not the case in 2022. Here are five predictions for the future of blockchain metaverses. The list may be incomplete, but it’s still an exciting prospect.

Decentraland: This 3D virtual world is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and was launched in 2020. It’s rapidly gaining popularity, thanks to the NFT craze. Many NFT owners started using it as a showcase for their devices. Eventually, even Sotheby’s purchased land in the metaverse and used it to recreate their London offices. The game also has a growing number of monetization options.


The future of crypto currency has made the creation of a list of metaverses in 2022 a top priority. From a practical standpoint, this list should include Blockchain projects. There are many advantages to using crypto currencies, but the question remains whether they will continue to gain ground. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing which best metaverse platform to invest in, though. Listed below are five projects you should be keeping an eye on in 2022.

List of metaverse in 2022

The list of top metaverse platforms in 2022 is constantly growing. Many aspects of the technology remain abstract and aren’t fully understood. Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are changing the internal structure of metaverses, with projects like Decentraland and The Sandbox injecting real-world value into virtual worlds. Facebook, for instance, has referred to their own virtual worlds as the metaverse. However, that’s not to say these projects aren’t worth watching, since some are still in the development phase.


The world of the metaverse is rapidly growing, and there are many projects in the works. The following list will include the five best metaverse platforms  in 2022. Listed from highest to lowest market cap are Microsoft Mesh, Ali Metaverse from Alibaba, NVIDIA Omniverse, Stageverse, and Xiaohong. These projects are expected to continue to grow in size and become extremely successful. This list will be updated on a regular basis, so be sure to check back regularly to see how these projects are doing.

Enjin is a unique metaverse project because it is not a virtual world with game-play features. Instead, it provides a platform for creators to create NFTs, and then use them in blockchain-based metaverse games. Enjin offers developers an SDK to create Ethereum-based NFTs, and its system has already created over 1.1 billion digital assets. As of the writing of this article, there are over a dozen projects in development, but here are the five projects to keep an eye on:


We are entering an era in which technology will allow us to interact with a metaverse. Metaverse platforms use virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality to blur the boundaries between our physical and digital worlds. People will be able to attend meetings, play games, and do other activities in their avatars. Top metaverse platforms will even allow businesses to interact with each other. Here is a list of the most important metaverses that will be around in 2022.

Sandbox: One of the most popular metaverse, Sandbox is a 3D virtual reality (VR) world in which users can trade LAND for ASSETS. They can even host famous companies like Deadmau5 and Snoop Dogg in their virtual world. The community is now ready for its second Alpha season. If you’re in the market for a VR headset, Sandbox may be your best bet.


By the end of 2022, the term “metaverse” will have undergone a complete transformation. The term, which was practically unknown a year ago, has now been co-opted by Facebook and other technology companies. Today, there are many different virtual worlds that can be found in the “mesh” including Roblox, Minecraft, AltspaceVR, and more. But what is the future of this concept?

Microsoft has announced plans to incorporate Mesh into Teams starting in early 2022. The goal of Mesh is to bring the power of the metaverse to the hands of knowledge workers. It will help employees create avatars and collaborate within virtual worlds. Microsoft’s VP of communications outlined the plans in a blog post. Among the most important features of Mesh is its support for enterprise customers. However, the future of this tech is still a bit adrift.

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