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Tickets To The NFT NYC

nft nyc tickets

If you are looking for an exciting and interactive art experience, you can score the NFT NYC tickets. This four-day outdoor art event features an immersive experience and a meet and greet with the Desdemona and Sophia robots. In addition to the exhibition, there will be a special apparel drop by FLUF Haus.

Natural Intelligence Is A 4-day, Immersive, Outdoor Art Experience

In this 4-day immersive outdoor art experience, participants will have the opportunity to participate in an interactive, collaborative project. They will enjoy a diverse array of art forms from live music to performance art. There will also be speaker panels and experiential programming. Visitors will gain a better understanding of the world around them and develop a greater appreciation for the natural world.

It Includes A Special Meet And Greet With Desdemona Robot, Sophia Robot, And Ben Goertzel

Sophia the robot has become a cultural icon, gracing magazine covers, headlines at major tech conferences, and even giving a speech at the United Nations. She is billed as the future of artificial intelligence, but is she really more of a PR stunt than anything? This is a question that lingers in many minds. Hanson, the creator of Sophia, has a long history in the field of AI.

Tickets to the NFTs New York City concert also include a chance to meet and greet Sophia, Desdemona robot, and Ben Goertzel, the chief scientist of Hanson Robotics. The concert is free, but attendees must have an NFT ticket to receive the special meet and greet.

The show features live performances from Desdemona Robot and Sophia the Robot. The band is the first to feature a humanoid robot as lead vocalist. The robot uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to draw from classic writers, artists, and scientists. The band also features a professional vocalist, Dianne Krouse, and Dr. Ben Goertzel, the founder of SingularityNET.

It Includes A Special Apparel Drop By FLUF Haus

FLUF World was originally a standalone project, but today, it is a massive metaverse ecosystem with secondary collections, virtual events, and an exclusive in-person event. The main event, called the Music NFT Meetup, will feature music NFT figures speaking at live performances and panels. In addition, attendees can purchase special apparel items and collaborate with fashion designers. Make NFT for your Business |

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