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New NFT Jacket

nft jacket

If you’re in the market for a new NFT jacket, we have some great recommendations for you. Check out Moose Knuckles’ first ever NFT jacket, Subway’s ‘Crispy Puffer Jacket,’ and Diesel’s ‘Rarible’.

Moose Knuckles’ first-ever NFT jacket

Moose Knuckles has released a limited edition NFT jacket, featuring artwork by digital artist Tiago Marinho, as part of its Heatmakers initiative. The jacket features the image of Chinese influencer Mia Kong, who is seen wearing the jacket as she journeys through a surreal landscape. The jacket is now available for purchase at the online retail store OpenSea.

The brand is rooted in multiple communities and music genres, including hip-hop, house, and techno. It also draws its inspiration from the unapologetic verve of the punk and rap scenes, as well as the heart and soul of R&B. The Moose Knuckles brand has a strong appeal to the youth market.

Moose Knuckles’ newest NFT jacket features down filling that’s RDS-certified and hand-dyed. The brand has also teamed up with luxury Canadian brand Eckhaus Latta on a collaboration for fall/winter wear. The collection includes shell jackets, pants, and a down robe coat.

Diesel’s ‘Crispy Puffer Jacket’

For spirit day, a crisp puffer jacket like Diesel’s is the perfect option. This stylish jacket can be paired with a matching pull-neck shirt. Another option for formal occasions is Diesel’s multi-pocket denim jacket. You can wear it with a crisp white shirt and black jeans. To add a little more flair to the look, you can also wear it with shades and a cap.

If you want to keep your style simple, you can go for a t-shirt underneath your puffer jacket. This combination will keep you warm in chilly weather. You can also wear it with your blue sneakers to give it a casual vibe. Besides, this jacket is very versatile and can be worn during any season.

The crisp puffer jacket can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans or even with an adidas originals shoe. If you’re wearing it with a t-shirt, choose a white pair. The jacket will also go well with black sweat pant and white chino. Alternatively, you can choose jeans of any color.

Subway’s ‘Crispy Puffer Jacket’

Subway has partnered with Lay’s to create a NFT version of its Crispy Puffer Jacket. The jacket was designed by Amsterdam-based XPLCT Studios and features recycled chipszakk. It has become one of the most talked-about pieces of art. In an effort to raise awareness of this new form of art, Subway is giving its consumers a chance to win a free jacket.

The crispy puffer jacket is made from recycled chipszakken folie. The jacket has a silver chip as its rit and bedrukte zak chips on the back. The jacket has been created by XPLCT Studios, which also created the Crispy Puffer Jacket. The Crispy Puffer Jacket is available in five NFT versions.

As a crypto-fashion item, the Crispy Puffer Jacket is sold at Sotheby’s on 16 February 2022. The proceeds of the sale will go to Voedselbanken Nederland.

Diesel’s ‘Rarible’

The Italian fashion company Diesel has just announced that the ‘Rarible’ NFT jacket will be auctioned off via the digital auction platform Rarible. The jacket is made from shredded denim and comes in a limited edition. It will be available for purchase with regular cash or cryptocurrencies. The jacket will be available for 55 hours, but early subscribers will be given an early access window.

The launch date is set for 12 March and will feature exclusive content and discounted pre-sales. This will give fans access to limited edition runway pieces and exclusive content. The NFTs will also be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.

When buying a D-FUR NFT on Rarible, purchasers will receive both a physical NFT product and its corresponding digital artwork. Additionally, they will be invited to Diesel’s next fashion show. The D-VERSE-KEY will also give buyers exclusive rights to discounted NFT pre-sales, airdrops, and first look at future Diesel projects. Make NFT for your Business |

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