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NFT Expoverse Media Partners

NFT Expoverse, a media partnership platform for blockchain and crypto-related news, has secured multiple media partners. Among them is CryptoCurrencyWire, which will amplify its content through 5,000+ outlets, and IBN, an investor brand network with over 2 million followers. Other media partners include ICOHOLDER, Dtlaweekly, Rush49, and SmartMoneyMatch.

100+ Blockchain Companies

The NFT Expoverse is a 3-day event dedicated to the mass adoption of blockchain technologies. The event brings together the top companies in the industry and world-renowned personalities to share the latest blockchain technology developments. Sponsors can gain exposure for their companies by booking a booth in the show floor or a speaking slot.

The event is being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on July 29-31, 2022. It is expected to feature more than 100 blockchain companies and hundreds of speakers. There will be presentations, Q&A sessions, and IRL interactions. There will be wild giveaways, as well.

In addition to speakers from leading industry companies, the NFT Expoverse will feature over 300 exhibitor companies. Attendees will be able to network with fellow entrepreneurs and form business ties. The event will also feature a live NFT gallery and VR/AR presentation rooms. The event will also feature exclusive NFTs from game developers, auction houses, fashion brands, and musicians.

VIP Afterparty

The NFT Expoverse is a premier event for blockchain technology enthusiasts. The event includes special NFT drops from industry leaders, exclusive NFT auctions, and educational content. The event is also a great opportunity for networking and meeting people in the blockchain industry. The event is organized by ZJ Events, a company with extensive experience in alternative industries.

This premier event will feature over 150 speakers and networking opportunities. Guests will also have an opportunity to meet high-profile industry entrepreneurs and content producers. The NFT Expoverse also features celebrity appearances from various fields. For example, famous game developers, auction houses, fashion brands, sports teams, singers, and more will drop NFT drops.

Those interested in promoting their products or services should consider participating in NFT Expoverse. The three-day event will feature many innovative companies and products and services. VIPs will be able to mingle with these prominent companies and individuals while learning more about their latest products and services.

Media Partners

NFT Expoverse has partnered with a variety of media outlets to help spread the word about the blockchain conference. These partners are key to the event’s goal of becoming the largest blockchain conference of the year. These partners provide significant broadcast opportunities for speakers and ensure comprehensive coverage. Below are some of the media partners for NFT Expoverse 2018.

NFT Expoverse is a three-day event that focuses on the mass adoption of NFTs and blockchain technology. It will bring together some of the biggest companies in the industry with world-renowned speakers to highlight the latest innovations. In addition, it will include several networking opportunities.

The event is open to all, from newcomers to established industry players. It will include keynote addresses, educational workshops, and panels with top experts in the blockchain industry. The conference is expected to attract a diverse group of blockchain enthusiasts, professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors.


The NFT Expoverse conference is a three-day event focused on the upcoming blockchain revolution. It welcomes individuals from diverse fields as well as industry professionals. The event will feature 150+ speakers and Q&A sessions as well as interactive experiences and the newest up-and-coming brands. Whether you’re new to blockchain technology or have been investing for years, this conference will have something to offer you.

As the premier event on the blockchain ecosystem, this conference will feature a wide range of top industry speakers and panel discussions. These will span the fields of blockchain development and financial services. Speakers range from the founders of major tech companies to blockchain entrepreneurs. You can learn about the latest trends, innovations, and best practices from the best in the industry.

The NFT Expoverse will feature hundreds of hours of education. Industry speakers will share their knowledge and insights on a blockchain, web3 technology, and more. The conference will also feature live NFT galleries, meet-and-greets, exclusive in-event NFT drops, and VR and AR presentation rooms. Make NFT for your Business |

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