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A Week of Wagmi in Los Angeles

nft creator los angeles

Want to know about NFT creator Los Angeles? A week of wagmi is just around the corner. Downtown Los Angeles is set to become the new hotbed of this niche community of token-toting decentralizers. The NFT LA conference will bring together this community to celebrate decentralization. Here are some things to look for:


Genies is the world’s largest avatar technology company, bringing the power of NFTs to culture. The company owns the virtual being identity layer and has coined its future vision as the “Decentralized Disney” of the metaverse. In addition to providing avatar creator tools, Genies’ technology includes a marketplace for avatar wearables and an API for API integrations. Its investors include NEA, Bond, Tull Investment Group, Breyer Capital, and Tull Investment Group.

With the help of this technology, Genies is enabling individuals to create avatar ecosystems and make money off of them. The company has received $1 billion in funding from Silver Lake, a leading technology investor. The company plans to use the money to expand its digital offerings. It plans to create avatars for various Warner Music Group artists and partner with the music company to create limited-edition NFT wearables tied to their artists. The company has already shown its concept to Shawn Mendes and has plans to launch it in other musicians’ ecosystems.

CHFTY Pizzas

The CHFTY pizza collection debuted this week. The collection includes 2,777 NFTs featuring cartoon-inspired pizza slices. Holders of the NFTs will have access to streaming classes taught by famous chefs. This project is a win-win for the NFT creators and consumers alike. As part of the launch, holders of the NFTs will have access to an online community with foodies and chefs, virtual pop-up events, and exclusive access to apparel and kitchen accessories.

The NFT tokens are being issued by Chfty to people who hold a certain amount of the token. The NFTs are unique in their appearance and features. They are aimed at collectors, but some people will buy them to invest in other projects. Once NFTs are resold, a portion of the resale royalty will go to Chfty Pizzas. Though the company is a for-profit company, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Big Green DAO, which is run by Kimbal Musk’s brother, Elon Musk.

Dumpling Mafia

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, a new venture is gaining traction in the Los Angeles market – a new non-fungible token called the Dumpling Mafia. This new investment enables investors to get instant access to the movement through digital artwork stored on the blockchain. The founders, Andy Wang, Caryl Chinn, and Shirley Chung have teamed up to make the project a reality. Members will be invited to a virtual event with the Dumpling Mafia and be entered into drawings for giveaways. In addition, they will be invited to in-person parties that will feature Chung’s delicious food.

The collaboration between Coin Cloud and Dumpling Mafia is a win-win situation for both parties. NFTs can be used as currency in any club or website, and they’re often designs. The Dumpling Mafia will be the first of its kind, featuring limited edition, digital collectibles designed by Narrator. The artist, a native Angeleno, started drawing as a child and painting graffiti when she was younger. She eventually went on to study Fine Art at Santa Monica City College. She cites the influence of Banksy and Murakami in her art.

Forest Road Co.

The investment team at Forest Road Co. is comprised of seasoned industry executives and investors. They bring expertise in building, operating and advising businesses. Their experience spans industries from financial services to travel and retail. In addition to building companies, they are involved in investing in startup companies and evaluating their potential. For more information, please visit Read our latest investment report for an inside look at the company. You can also follow Forest Road Co. on LinkedIn.

The Forest Road Company is led by Zachary Tarica, who serves as its Co-Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Office. The company’s portfolio includes tax credit lending across the entertainment, renewable energy, and real estate sectors. Tarica previously served as a Credit Analyst at Brookfield Asset Management and Deutsche Bank, and holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. The Board of Directors is comprised of members from several different industries. Make NFT for your Business |

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