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The Starslab Fiverr NFT Project Has Been Hacked

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Recently, the Fiverr NFT project was hacked. Here’s what you should know. First, the project is a platform for artists and designers to sell their artwork and designs. Freelancers can set up NFT projects on the site. Artists can offer their artwork and designs for an additional fee. Web developers and designers can set up NFT projects as well. Lastly, if you’re looking to create an amazing website for an NFT, you can hire Freelancers to design UI/UX for your project.

Fiverr’s nft project was hacked

A single developer hired by Fiverr to write a smart contract has exposed security vulnerabilities for 31 NFT projects. Yesterday’s hack on ‘The Starslab’ NFT project has caused 197 ETH to be lost. The team of the NFT project claimed to have lost the money in a phishing attack, but smart contract analysis suggests something else was at work.

Freelancers can set up NFT projects on the site

Many NFT projects require building out a Discord server. This can include bots and channels, among other helpful features. Having a Discord server is an essential component of running an NFT community and distributing content in a well-organized fashion. There are many qualified and trusted Discord administrators on Fiver. Using the Fiverr marketplace, you can find a professional Discord administrator to help you set up your NFT project.

Artists can create art and designs for NFTs

Many Fiverr artists offer their services to create art and designs for NFTs. These artists are often familiar with certain game designs, and can create customized artwork for you. You should choose freelancers with a lot of positive feedback and a high rating on Fiver. Here are some tips for artists who wish to make money with their art. Keep reading to discover more about Fiver NFTs!

Website UI/UX design

A professional UI/UX designer is required for your NFT website and landing page design. The professional you hire will use Adobe XD or Figma to create mockup screens for your website. You will be provided with the source files for the mockup screens. The designer will also use a custom illustration and background to match the NFT style. Then, you can use them to make changes to the design, as required.

Copyright rights are key

A lot of people believe that the growth of the Fiver nft marketplace will lead to the rise of free design. But these ideas aren’t necessarily true. Many creators have already faced legal trouble for attempting to capitalize on trendy fashion trends. In fact, the haute couture giant Hermes filed a lawsuit against Mason Rothschild for his collection, which was titled MetaBirkins. Rothschild’s lawyer responded by claiming that his First Amendment rights to free speech protected him. Make NFT for your Business |

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