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Our clients are curious, entreprenuers, innovators, small and large scale businesses. Here are a few frequently asked questions commonly asked at NFT Development Studio.

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Orders can take 2-4 weeks on average to create custom art, have a consultation with you to discover your goals. Websites can take a similar amount of time. Large orders of over 10-100 NFT’s can take longer. 2D Illustration and Design is usually faster than creating 3D Animation or still 3d renderings. Rush orders on jobs are almost always an option as well. Just let us know how fast you need your order.

We usually include 2-3 revisions in your order. We want you to be happy with your product. More revisions requested will be additional.

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Questions about NFTs? See below for some answers.

An N.F.T. stands for Non-Fungible token. It is a digital representation of ownership of an item. It can be built and customized to be more than just this alone. With paper stocks or shares you own in a company, that is a representation of your investment and possibly ownership in that business. NFTs can share similar qualities as this example, however, they are different in that NFT’s can be programmed to behave differently. Stocks only ever represent what you purchased at the time of purchased. NFT’s can be programmed to evolve, react, and change based on a series of ‘if, than, else,’ statements. NFT’s can be activated, become more rare over time, and have ties to real-world events which are all largely unregulated.

There are many kinds of NFT’s. Some NFT’s act as a symbol or token of ownership only. Other NFT’s act as ownership and generate income from the transfer or sale of the NFT itself or some portion of it. Some NFT’s you can combine them to form something extra rare that can be resold at a profit. Other NFT’s become increasingly rare so procedurally so the value was designed to increase. NFTs can be used as validators that someone owns a piece or whole of a physical art piece. They can be used as giveaways, stand alone art pieces or as collectables. NFT’s can be used as tickets for access to events or buildings virtual or physical structures. NFt’s ownership can be linked to owning physical or virtual property that operates outside the USA or any territorial system of rules and tax codes. NFTs can be created to execute automated contracts eliminating the need for middle men to help ensure a contract that is executed has the appropriate payment associated with the transaction. 

Here at NFT Development Studio we are asked this question quite often. What are unique and creative ways to make money that we’ve seen? Here’s a few ideas. Some people create NFT’s just to sell them for a profit. If your NFT is unique, rare, valuable, and has some positive utility where it enhances someone’s life by owning a whole or part of it then you might have a use case to make a profit. Just like a stock, some people will buy and sell NFT’s for a profit. Some people buy an NFT and insert it into a staking program so that it automatically generates passive income just by holding on to it. Usually this passive income is generated by way of new native tokens being awarded if you hold for a certain pre-determined period of time. You can create and market your newly created NFT’s as a business. Any business in the world makes money if it delivers real value and it solves real problems for people. The same happens with NFTs. You can hire a company like NFT Development Studio and provide us with a basic idea of what you want to build. We can build it for you. We can design a marketing strategy surrounding your NFT idea. We execute the idea and if your idea is unique and valuable enough, you are likely to succeed in the marketplace. At this moment profits are high and the entry point is not as competitive yet.

Some people own NFT’s to make a profit later to sell them to other people. For example Nike launched their virtual shoe NFT’s. People are buying them because these are limited edition shoes and Nike doesn’t often create unique projects like this often. Some people are purchasing these virtual shoes in hopes they become a collectors rare item to resell later. Other people want to own NFTs for the novelty. Others still want to own an NFT for the purpose of showing ownership or as a critical portion of starting a new business unbound by regulations, laws, and traditional governance.

You could contact us and we’ll walk you through the process. If they are simple and quick questions we’ll be happy to answer your questions about NFTs for free. You can also go on Opensea to purchase your own NFTs if you have a crypto wallet setup.

To get started right away, just contact us and tell us about your project. Some projects we take on are NFTs but we offer many other digital services under 1 house, such as graphic design, website builds, marketing strategy, list building, NFTs, wearable + NFT builds, metaverse immersive world building and game building. We also create custom explainer 3d and 2d animated videos. Reach out by calling us +1-512-591-8024 or email us