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Some clients often request to create bundled NFT Packages. Packages are a collection of materials used by a brand to market and sell product offerings. These can be a group of NFTs or tokens sold together, or this can be a custom game or a combination of virtual and physical assets. Below we have complete NFT packages available to make your NFT Package purchasing decision easier.

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3D Art NFT Design Packages

Our 3D NFT Art is unique, and designed custom to each order. We delivery on time, on budget, and to your needs.

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Delivery Time?

3D NFTs can range on production time. For a simple job they can be created and delivered often times within 20-30 days. For more complex projects it can take 2-4 months+. 

2D vs 3D NFT ?

We often get the question at NFT Development Studio, what’s the difference between a 2D NFT and a 3D NFT? Is there an advantage? 3D NFT’s have many more options. You can make them realistic or make them look like a cartoon. 3D NFTs you can create pieces that look like representations of actual wearable metaverse objects found in other metaverse areas where as 2D NFTs are limited in that they can only look cartoony, not realistic. Many 2D NFT graphics can’t look similar to the actual end metaverse wearable. Overall there is not a significant advantage you’ll get from doing one method over the other. The option to go with is based on your business marketing needs. Or you can consult us at NFT Development Studio for our opinion on your specific situation.

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if you have any more questions please reach out to us, and let’s discuss your NFT needs.

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