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3D NFT Marketplaces

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The advent of modern technology allows creative people to explore new artistic avenues and monetize their works. While a 3D NFT requires a lot of computational work, its vectors carry out most of the work. In a recent case, a 16-year-old boy named Jasti, who has only recently graduated from high school, presented his first crypto art and earned over $1 million in NFT sales. His work can be found on various NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Parametrise. His portfolio, Parametric Artefacts, showcases designs based on parametricism.


Meebits are a cryptocurrency that was created by a company called Larva Labs. They have eight hundred members on the Discord community and have sold over a billion tokens over the past thirty days. The token sold for 2.47 ETH when it was minted and has a floor price of 2.8 ETH currently. The Meebits’ price is largely determined by their rarity and affiliation with a brand. Some of the rarest Meebits are known as CryptoPunks and are valued by other NFT collectors. Despite their high prices, the Meebits are worth buying if you want to customize them and enjoy the social capital that comes with them.

The Meebits 3D model comes with a T-pose OBJ file that you can import into any standard 3D modeling and animation software. This allows you to animate the Meebits and make them perform stunts and dance moves. These avatars can then be uploaded to social media platforms, resulting in a pixel-art style creation.

Pixar’s Universal Scene Description

Pixar’s Universal Scene Description is a new standard for 3D computer graphics data exchange. The standard emphasizes non-destructive editing and collaboration between different software systems, and allows multiple views of graphics data. The standard is currently in use by many industries, including animation, gaming, and virtual reality.

This standard is composed of an interchangeable set of C++ libraries and Python bindings that facilitate the assembly of 3D scene elements. It also allows for the interchangeability of different asset formats. Pixar created the format with the goal of enabling artists to create high-quality content faster.

Pixar’s Universal Scene Description is an open-source project that is free and available for everyone to use. The USD format is intended to improve efficiency across the entire pipeline of an animation or game. It also supports native Unity and C# data types. A variety of examples are included to get you started on implementing USD workflows.

Pixar’s Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual ecosystem where you can earn a variety of digital jobs. You can become a virtual architect and design unique buildings or you can be a farmer and collect resources. You can also become a concert promoter and stage shows. This ecosystem will allow you to earn cryptocurrency while following your passion.

This curated NFT from Pixar was created by MetaMundo, which has been supporting the Pixar’s Universal Scene Description since its launch in 2016. The software includes a 3D viewer that has been developed especially for this purpose.


MetaMundo has a simple vision: to provide a beautiful, creative, and open metaverse for everyone. The launch of its marketplace is the first step in achieving that goal. You can now purchase everything from a Japanese Zen Art Gallery to a sprawling ocean-side luxury villa. It’s also possible to preview 3D files prior to purchase.

The MetaMundo 3D NFT is a digital asset format that contains a collection of 3D files. These files are optimised for the metaverse and compatible with a variety of other 3D formats. If you’d like to publish your 3D content in the metaverse, this technology will make it easy to share it.

Creating A 3D NFT Collection

Creating 3D NFTs is one way to earn cryptocurrency in the new digital world. The new technology is a game-changing concept, allowing artists to create virtual worlds, fine art, characters, stickers, and much more. Artists can export their creations to GLB or GLTF formats and sell them in 3D marketplaces. These 3D marketplaces allow artists to sell their creations for a profit and connect them with users who want to use them.

To create a 3D NFT, you first need a 3D model. You can make one yourself, or buy one from an artist. Some popular sites to purchase 3D models include Turbosquid, Blender Market, and SketchFab. Regardless of where you purchase your 3D model, it is important to export it in a GLTF or GLB format. Make NFT for your Business |

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